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Y'know, I just keep going to update this thing, but never bothering XD

I'm over that cold now, just another mild headcold, still unpleasant though :<

I went to the library last week to ask if they'd have any jobs going for the new one, pretty much got a "not likely" response as apparently they're already facing job cuts, so very much blah about that. Still gonna keep my eye online and the local paper and such to see if the advertise anyway, but I was told if they get any jobs at all, it'd just be like a Saturday job or something D|

I have today until Wednesday off, so hoping to get my room cleaned as it desperately needs it. Though all I managed to do today was dust down and re-arrange my Pokemon collections :| But at least they look tidier now XD; Can't say the same for the rest of my room! But I'll get it done, even if it takes most of Wednesday to do so. I'll probably do little bits tomorrow here and there.

Other than that, not much to update with I think.

Oh, other than my dad is getting a new car... and he has this entire week off.
How much betting he still doesn't get started on the spare room? :|
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