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Urgh, work today was just... irratating. But it was a Friday, of course it was irratating. It didn't help that I got a stomach ache for the last couple of hours too.

I'm back there tomorrow but luckily not as an employee at least! I'm doing charity bag-packing along with some others from the charity shop :)
Also I think... if the bag packing thing doesn't last too long (I think they said we're doing it until 2pm or so) I'm thinking of actually just going down to the library and asking them there and then, if they do/will have any jobs going for the new library/community hub that's being built. It's so much more bigger than our current library, so they must need extra people somewhere.
It all depends on the weather too, but wish me luck. I need a bunch of it just to go through the doors and ask them :(
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