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Lotsa Rambling

Wheeee! Haven't updated in a while! XD

I think my week off went by way too quick for me, I didn't really accomplish what I wanted to and spent most of it...playing on GPX+ I think, damn addicting site. Actually i'm going for a very crazy achievement on there at the moment so I need all the points I can get (I'm... trying to reach the corporate achievement thingy for having 1000,000 points on hand :x) I have... just over 140,000 points currently hahah, but I'm betting they'll release something cool that I just have to buy... trying to avoid the shop section so I'm not tempted by any summoning items that might be in the back room.

Anyways, went to the Midlands Expo on Saturday! I'm still working through photos, just got the masquerade ones to edit (Oh they are all so dark and terrible :( I need a better camera) Thinking of getting a separate flickr account for my photos since my event photos are spread out over many different photobucket accounts and I'm pretty sure I may of lost some older event pictures :( Not sure yet, I'll have to see.
I still need to edit my Worksop snow photos too.

Anyways, as a taster, have some Disney Zombies! (Click for much bigger picture!)


These costumes were awesome! I'm really surprised they didn't win something actually (Though the other zombie group won a special award so that was cool too! XD)

I actually didn't end up buying anything at the Expo which really surprised me! But I don't think there was much there I really really wanted XD Tony and I spent a lot of time watching the celebrity talks and they were actually pretty fun to watch. Bentley Jones was pretty entertaining, as were... the two actors from Harry Potter who's names I forgot XD Tommy Knight, who plays Sarah-Jane's son in the Sarah-Jane Adventures (That I personally don't watch but!) seemed kinda nervous to me XD Poor thing!
The masquerade was great and there were some really amazing costumes this time around! The best skit was the other Zombie group, who preformed a health and safety message about what to do with zombies. It was pretty unique and a very entertaining skit overall and OH MY GOD the audio quality was so clear, I could understand it! A lot of these skits I can never understand due to terrible audio quality usually ;o;

On the way home from the event I had a little moan to Tony's camera about the amount of over done to death memes and such that really aren't funny any longer, yet still continue to be played as part of skits... it really shows unoriginality and I think the sound or mention of carameldansens and the game these days just make me want to headdesk.
It's... just not funny anymore everyone, you all killed it repeatedly! Stop using them! It's the same thing everytime! It's embarrassing! Just let it diiieeee!
I don't think I'll dare look at the comments for that video, I bet I'll get chewed out about it or something haha.

Overall it was a really fun event :) It was nice to meet people old and new.

Anyway, went back to work on Sunday, oh yay :| I really didn't want to go back XD; And I don't have any more weeks off until May. I just gotta get through this next month, then SOUL SILVER WILL GET ME THROUGH THE REST HELL YEAH! So looking forward to that game :)

Sent my registration payment in for Amecon and once they update my status to confirmed, I'm gonna book me some accommodation... although I may just do it at the end of the week if they still haven't updated by then. My friends and I are hoping to get rooms near to each other, but we'll see.

I bought some artwork stuff today on the way home from town. Card, watercolour paper, a new paint pallet and a sketch book... I've just been doing not so good with art lately, I have no drive to do anything more than doodles, so I'm hoping just to do some chilling out and actually use all the damn paints and crap I have that have barely been used.

Volkner and Flint Pokémon episode on Thursday!!! I'm so excited for that! And I should be able to watch it just before I have to dash off to work.... unless they call me in early (I saw a note on the supervisor's desk on Sunday which said something about them needing to ask me to work from 9am on Thursday... they haven't mentioned anything to me though so finger's crossed!!)

Okay that's enough rambling for now!
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