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Daichi the Monkey Boy X3

I found out why the net was running slow last night and it was as simple as my dad not unplugging his modem, it messes with my connection if he doesn't....HA! Typical!

I'm starting to like Daichi in Beyblade, he's a hyper little fun character X3 It was fun to see him try and beat up Kai's blade while Kai stood there angsting all the time, then at the last minute he attacked and won, poor little Daichi ;_; But he and Kenny get to be reserves in the tag team anyway.
Tyson's reunion with his brother was cuuuute X3 Gotta admit the first time I ever saw that charater I thought he was related to Kai what with his hair colour and all, the only feature he has that looks close to Tyson is his brown eyes *lol*

YAY! FMA episode 40 has nearly finished downloading ^____^ Gotta get some breakfast and watch it, everyone's reaction seems to suggest it's a good episode.
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