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So, for the last two weeks, my dad has had a cold (Which he still hasn't got rid of even now).
Guess who's got it now! D|

Urgh, I can feel it in my throat, ears and behind my nose and a little in my head. But what's worse is really the damn timing of the cold and everything else this week!
Not only do I have this cold, but I'm also working almost EVERY day this week, bar Tuesday where I work somewhere else for free anyway.
And naturally this is also the week where, after a while of not doing much, we finally have a plot running at DA-R2 that I can take part in! I've been wanting a plot to really get my teeth into (Especially with Juudai as it feels like he hasn't done much note-worthy hero-y stuff lately at all).
Funny thing is, I couldn't take part in the LAST major plot finale we had because of the same/similar reasons!
Someone, somewhere, hates me, I'm sure.

Urgh, just hoping this cold doesn't get bad, so I can crawl through this week and hopefully do RP stuffs too, but my dad had it pretty bad so...
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