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Went to Meadowhall with Tony today since he needed to get a few things and I needed to give him my spare Pokemon cards before he went to Poland.

We went over to Toys R Us and I was surprised that they had a decent amount of Pokemon stuff in. Some Jakks figures I've not seen them sell before (Still kinda old figures though, just ones we haven't had yet*) and they even had some of the talking plushies. I wish they had Buneary as I need that one, but they had Croagunk, Prinplup, Monferno and Grotle. Anyway since I need the Jakks Buneary figure, I bought the pack with it in! (It comes packaged with a Machop and a Piplup)

I also bought some new Lion King plushies! They're ones the Disney Store have had in for a while, but I decided to get them today as I haven't added any new Lion King plushies to my small collection in a long while. They had a Simba and a Nala with a flower on her head!
They had bigger versions of the plush as well, which were lovely, but they were £15 each. I could get the two smaller ones for £13 both together.

While we were there, there was some display going on for some new remote controlled racing car show and toy. The show itself is called Flash and Dash and we were told it comes from Japan, it's done in that style anyway XD The guy in charge of the display was trying so hard to sell us the cars haha.
He gave us a CD with the first two episodes of this show on it, might watch them tomorrow and report about how bad it is 8D;

Ah, a show about remote controlled racing cars. What will they think of next.

So, Black Feather Dragon is the 5th Dragon, huh? Well I don't mind, a little surprised since it isn't the 5th Dragon Ruka saw in her dream, but I can only assume that Black Feather Dragon was just chosen then and there as Crow's Dragon to replace the original that is either missing or Power Tool Dragon. (Or just completely forgotten!)

In the end I'm glad Crow at least has a dragon now. It makes him having the mark a lot less pointless. Though the whole thing does come across as they maybe intended to use the original 5th for something, but when they decided to give the signer mark to Crow, they just made a new dragon for him since well.... he needed one and one that fitted his deck too.
Oh well!

I still sorta think Ruka and Rua sorta share the power, Ruka is just the one that gets most of it/the mark. After all Rua can call out to his sister when she's in the spirit world. I've always thought there was something special there... though it could just be put down to a "twin thing".
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