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I've been feeling so dead tired all day today z.z And I don't know what it is with me, but sometimes I just don't seem to hear what people say to me when I'm in a place with a TON of background noise. Even if they're right in front of me, sometimes their voice will just blend in with everything else. Being tired today just heightened it. I never heard one woman request any cashback, and one woman requested more plastic bags to which I didn't even hear her the first time... and she didn't look pleased when she raised her voice and asked the second time .__.
I know it's not a loss of hearing, I think it's just... bad concentration? I dunno, my concentration has always been pretty bad. I know I had problems with hearing when I was little (About five or six years old?) I remember doing hearing tests... like a machine makes a blip and whenever I heard that I had to put a peg into a hole, though I don't remember if it really was anything or whether this is just what it was then too.

Today I also escorted a customer around the store who needed help with his shopping. He was a nice chatty guy, but I even struggled to hear him half the time @_@ And because it was just me and this guy I've never talked to before, I had a bit of a nervousy attack because I was worrying that I was doing things wrong or whether I was doing things right ect. stupid things really. I mean the guy trusted me with his card PIN and everything because he couldn't do that himself @_@ He seemed happy though and kept saying to everyone I'd done a great job XD;

Ah but no matter how work was today, hatching this on GPX+ made me very happy:

A shiny Mudkip after 137 eggs of trying! :D YAY!

EDIT: Huh, just asked my dad and he says I had the tests as I was prone to ear infections when I was little. Guess it probably is just a concentration thing, or maybe it's just normal, who knows! It's annoying when I don't hear people though @_@ I mis-hear people a lot too.
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