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So, I'm officially able to go to the Midlands Expo, May's London Expo and Amecon this year :D I got my holidays back at work and got the dates off I needed for London and Amecon, so that is awesome. My friends and I are working out how to get to Ame, so far the plan is pretty much that I travel to Leicester and that's where they'll pick me up. Not sure what we're gonna be doing for accomodation, but I mentioned that it sounds like they're having on-site accomodation there, so hopefully we can get that.

This week I'm only working tomorrow and Monday then OFF FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK HELL YEAH!

Just capped episodes 92 and 93 of 5D's. Wow, 5D's animation looked kinda godly next to the animation for 92 haha XD It was fun to cap.
Now I just gotta go through, edit and save all the caps through the Crashtown Mini-Arc. I'm suspecting that 89 especially won't have many caps, my computer does not like riding duels in .mkv format XD;

Also so excited for the 10th anniversary movie <3 I've been drawing some pictures over the last few days, probably won't be finished as I'm in a bit of an art slump and hate everything I draw BUT!

Juudai staring at Paradox
Slightly inspired by the scene where Paradox is getting Stardust to blast the hell out of Juudai... kinda anyway XD

Yuugi, Juudai and Yuusei Group Photo!
Cute group pic! I made Yuugi look tall because the other two are supposed to be sat down XD

Yuugi and Kuribohs
Yuugi and some fluffballs

I'm destroyn u're futurz
...I was bored. Very bored.
(Yuugi, Juudai and Yuusei are supposed to be coming out of the Crimson Dragon's mouth)
And yes, TARDIS in the background 8D
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