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First of all, I entered my new Rayquaza into the current GPX+ dress-up contest and he's doing better than I thought (13 votes! I didn't think he'd even get one!) But he's still being beaten by a bunch of other Pokemon!
So if you're a member of GPX+ and haven't voted in thread 9 yet... vote happy Rayquaza with balloons today! Maybe! If you want! XD


He's the 22nd one down in the list I think. He's so happy because he has balloons~! :D!

In other news, I went out with Helen into town today and I actually managed to get some new jeans that fit perfectly on me... other than the legs being long, but I'll get my mum to take those up when her arm is better.
Now all I need to get are new workshoes...and a new computer chair...though I'm highly considering bringing my old one back in here as much as it's huge and I didn't quite like it... more comfortable than the chair I have at the moment :x

I also went out to Meadowhall with Tony yesterday and met a bunch of others there. After going around the shops we went to get something to eat and then hung out in the Oasis until about 9pm haha! XD

It's been way too cold today :|
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