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Oh wow this new opening is awesome and Dawn is gonna get a Togekiss OMGNSGHDSGHDJDJDJ Also Ash's team is just looking amazingly kick ass. Torterra is so HUGE compared to the others haha.
And I only just noticed that in the bit where Dawn, Ash and Brock are in that flower field, their mouths are moving along to the lyrics, so cute! And the shot of Ash and most of his Pokemon at the end was great!
The song is so awesome too <3 I love it!

Also this made me realize that I'm way behind on the anime, I haven't watched that many episodes lately I guess due to it being hard to get hold of the raws to watch (And Youtube tends to load slow) and I don't even know when episodes air over here anymore, I lost track when they left Sky One SO MANY YEARS AGO.
But I've just ordered all the DVD box sets I was missing from United Publications (DP Box Set 3 and all the Box Sets to Battle Dimension) plus the 11th movie.
Seems like there isn't any box sets out for the Galactic Battle season yet.

Also I didn't get to build a snowman today :( The snow has gone too powdery now to do so.
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