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Oh god I just spent most of today capping 5D's episodes 87-90.
I'm not confident 89 will have as many screenshots as most episodes usually have, as I've pretty much found out that .mkv encoded episodes kinda suck for screencapping, only because they just don't seem to play right! Anything with high action and sometimes when pans and zoom ins are done, the episode starts freezing, skipping and the picture gets blocky, so I have to wait for it to clear.
So an episode with some high action riding duels and mining cart chases? Not so good.

The version of episode 90 I had (Which was a .mp4) was a little bitty so I'm unsure on what the quality will be like for those caps. We'll see.

Just gotta go through editing them XD That will be done later on I think. I've done enough with screenshots today XD
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