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BLAH to the world...

You know what, it doesn't matter WHAT I'm ranting about my dad will ALWAYS turn it into a rant about something else to make me feel even MORE worse than I already do...and it's not the best thing when you've spent 7 and a half hours at work, I was tired, hungry, cranky and just wanted to go home I was running about like a headless chicken between BWS and the Checkouts the whole shift and when I was supposed to be on the checkouts I just ended up being on BWS and being called for relief checkout when it was a tad busy -_-;; Whatever...
Heh they tried to ask me for checkout over time next week but I was already working the day they asked :p
I'm not excepting anymore this next month off them anyway our WONDEROUS new sceduling system (*Note the sarcasum there*) is giving me enough overtime as it is...
I seriously need to find a job I like and I'm actually good at >_< But quite recently it seems like no matter what I'll be useless at everything.

Afterwards I get home, the net starts running slow for some odd reason and I'm not getting decent download speeds for FMA episode 40.... blah and blah again!

I think I'm gonna go reboot my computer and see if THAT actually helps make it run a bit faster.... stupid thing.
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