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I hope you are all having a great Christmas!!
Mine's been uneventful really but still cool. I spent most of the first part of the day sleeping/fighting the lag on GPX+ to do some clicking (Heard the secret santa they ran was a complete shamble they've had to fix after everyone complained, why am I not surprised. I didn't take part and even if I did all I would of given up was the spare Mudkip I have)

I went over to my friend Helen's house at 3.30pm and stayed until 5pm, then went over to my mum's for Christmas Dinner and to watch Doctor Who! That was awesome~ Now I'm back home, but geez the roads around my house are a freakin' sheet of ice tonight. My mum was walking me back home and we stepped out onto the main road that goes by my house and it was like an ice-rink.
I was gonna go round to her house tomorrow, she was gonna make a pie with the left over turkey, but she's told me I better not since the roads will probably still be slippy.

Anyway as for presents, I got a lovely Platinum Arceus TCG box from Tony :D The promo Arceus card that came with it is so pretty. It also came with a double-sided poster that I now have up on my wall <3
I got a framed painting print of a ferret from my dad XD He knows I like anything cute! I just don't have anywhere to put it right now though :/ When I said that he said "Oh we can put it up in the other room.... if I ever finish it"

From Helen and her family I got lots of shower gel and stuff like that XD And from my mum I got some money and some pyjamas that I'd already picked out a couple of weeks earlier~

I watched the 12th Pokemon movie last night! It was really awesome and a lovely end to that trilogy of movies I think! :3
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