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So I just listened to previews to the music on the 5D's Sound Duel disks and I really am happy with a LOT of the music! We got a lot of major music from the Dark Signer Arc. I for one am pretty thrilled we got themes that are linked to the twins (Their battle themes and the track "spirits" since that's often linked with Ruka, seriously, that plays and I instantly think of her dueling Frank) and also, track 17 of the second CD is the track I most wanted.
"Legend" originally first played in... I think the first episode after the end of the Fortune Cup. Yagani draws the picture of the Crimson Dragon mark, then they start pointing out who has each of the marks (Before Ruka almost ends up passing out). That music I fell in love with.

Yeah there are some tracks I really wanted that of course didn't make it onto the CD, but I'm happy with what they did put on :3
Gonna have a lot of fun listening to the full versions of these when my CD arrives!
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