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Only two more days to work, only two!! Then 3 days off ;w;

Yesterday at work was...semi-better than I thought. I was on a till, struggling to talk, until my break, but after my break I asked the supervisors if I could just do the odd jobs so I didn't have to keep talking and they kept me off for the entire rest of my shift :D Awesomes!
We're were open until midnight anyway so they had more on than they usually do so they didn't really struggle for people.
My voice is still rather crap today too, hoping it's gonna start improving over these next few days.

I've downloaded the 12th Pokémon movie for my Christmas Eve viewing. The English version. I usually watch the Japanese raw but since the English version is already out why not! I put off watching it on Youtube a few weeks ago for my Christmas tradition!
My Christmas day looks like I'm mostly spening the morning either sleeping or being online, going over to Helen's in the early afternoon (If my cold clears up that is, as her grandparents are gonna be there and her mum doesn't want me to give them my cold) and then over to my mum's house at 5-ish for just me and her having a late Christmas dinner. We can't have it earlier as she's visiting my grandad.

Oh! My copy of 5D's Sound Duel 2 has shipped off! Not expecting it until after Christmas though :( I really can't wait to get it! :D
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