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The most difficult customer ever....

Duuuude, if I ever agree to overtime on a Friday night just kick me please! XD It was so busy I just kept getting asked thing after thing, the manager was no help as he was picking out empty parts of the shelves where Gin SHOULD be at HALF PAST EIGHT, geez, I have to tidy all the shelves and they were all wreaked as it was....then they pulled me onto the checkouts at like quarter past nine. After I got off there was me FRANTICLLY pulling everything forward on the shelves when I get the most difficult customer EVER at about quarter to 10 XD He was an old guy who didn't understand that I COULDN'T sell him just two cans of beer...they're all sold in 4 packs XD BUT we DID have some single cans that were reduced so I took him there, he only had about £1.06 to spend and all the reductions were priced at 70-75p *lol* And there he is rambling on at me thinking I don't understand what he's getting at. Luckily there was some small bottle beer there all priced at 50p each I told him he could get two for his pound and he seemed happy at that.... after asking me twice if it was wine O_o; I told him it was beer but he didn't seem to mind what it was, all he was concerend about was that he got two alcoholic drinks for the money he had XD *dies*
And I have to be there 7 and half hours tomorrow....wheeeeeeee X_x; Well at least that's broken up into two different jobs, I'm working on the wines from half two - about 6pm, having a half an hour break then I'm on the checkouts until 10pm.

Ah well I'm gonna go around the messageboards take some Yugioh screenshots and go to bed, I'm determind to get up for Beyblade G-Rev in the morning XD Though I'll most likely over sleep :p
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