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Haven't updated in a while huh? Haha! Well, it's another busy work week this week, luckily next week is normal and then it's ZOMG christmas hours time D| I'm hoping it goes quick!!
I've actually started my christmas shopping already! I'm not getting presents too last minute and I've even not struggled too hard for ideas on what to get people this year! So far I've got something for my dad, mum, Helen and Tony's was ordered last night.

I still need to get Christmas cards though. I was gonna get them from the charity shop yesterday but forgot to so I probably should get some from work tonight instead. I don't have that many to write out anyway ^^;

Hoping to tidy my room up a bit and put up my christmas tree in my room next week! :D

Oh and I got these in the mail today :D

Photobucket Photobucket

Oh and I almost forgot!

About 2:10 in, a small Yu-Gi-Oh! movie preview~
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