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Urgh, today is already kinda...blah.

It's really super windy outside today and as you know I just despise being out in strong winds. Of course my dad is off today but he had to go out so he didn't know if he'd be back on time to take me to work, to which I just said, "Well I'll have to call mum then" which I do hate doing since she works nights but she does insist for me to call if the weather is bad to which my dad just started fretting about it and was all "Don't call your mum!!! I'll be back!!11!"
I probably should of just walked.

My dad has been sorta annoying me as it is anyway. I tried to talk to him last night about something and of course he was just all "I'm watching the TV 8UUU". I wouldn't keep going on about stuff if he actually made a proper indication he was listening! And of course just the continuing broken promises about the spare room and just ARGGH! I want to pull my hair out so much with him sometimes.
(Hah, he just promised he'll start the spare room next weekend... I'll believe it when I see it >>;)

And then on top of that this past week or two has just been terrible for the timing of everything.
I think we're doing a finale of a plot at DA-R2 this weekend and I can't take part because I'm working all weekend. It's not their fault or mine, and I actually don't mind I can't take part, the only thing that frustrates me is the fact that my character WOULD take part and there's no reason he wouldn't, short of giving him SWINE FLU or breaking his leg or something (No those specific options aren't gonna be used) that would literally stop him from going. I had talked through an idea with linka13 of what he could do off-screen but I don't think it's really a good idea when I really don't know how things will play out. It would feel like forcing him into a place when he wasn't really there.
I dunno, it's probably super silly this frustrates me so much, but I just hate not being able to do something when it's against what a character would do. So now I gotta think up a reason why he doesn't go and just... I don't think I have many options at all, other than just making him too sick to go and he had the cold/flu not to long ago and would seem too out of the blue :/

Urgh, I wish I didn't have to go to work today. I just feel like just going back to bed and staying there. I've just been feeling so down for small stupid reasons these past few weeks -_-;
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