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Well, the good news is I may not be completely out for Amecon. I messaged my friend last night about it (Even she's not sure she can reach it by car since it's quite a trek for her) BUT she suggested maybe picking me up at Leicester, since it's on the way. We're not sure yet but she's gonna talk to our other two friends and see what they say. I told her I'd be fine with being picked up at Leicester and that even going a day earlier than normal and staying over at Leicester for a night to break up the drive for my friend I'd be okay with too.

Well, keep your fingers crossed for us all!

Thank god GPX+ is going faster today.

I can cliiick~

Also Digimon: http://www.digimonnext.myadopts.com/profile.php?user=PDUTogepi
I think the only alternate egg line I need for now is Savers Agumon :D Trying to get Labramon's other line too since I didn't realize the other one was the one that only went to champion level XD
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