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James loves his Chimecho, oh yes he does!

So FINALLY got around to getting Pokémon AG episode 84 (*Just as 85 came out on the Pokémon Encodes channel XD*) and I just LOVE James in it X3 He's so adorable.

ANyway the episode pretty much starts off with Ash all hyped up over his gym battle with Winona but alas Winona is at the festival being held in Foretree, she's there giving excited little kid rides on her Skarmory XD (*Loves the boy that keeps screaming "WAI!WAI!"*) She gives rides to Max and May too, and May has a similar reaction XD

Meanwhile James angsts over the time when he was little when he passed through a festival in a limo and saw some Chimecho, he sneaks out of the mansion late at night with his little pink Igglybuff money bank to buy one....but alas the Festival is all packed up, then afterwards he makes little squishy faces and CRIES! (*Feels sorry for him*) then Jesse and Meowth ditch him XD

A little later on he spots some rather suspicious looking Chimecho being sold by an even MORE suspicious looking man, YAY! For it is once again the return of the Magikarp slaesman, only this time he's dressed Hoppip up like Chimecho XD The face he makes when he sees the fake Chimecho is hillarious, the face of absolute biss XD At first he seems a bit suspicous but seems to be sold afterwards until the magikarp salesman lifts his head up to reveal his face from under the straw hat he's wearing XD They're both like "WHA!!" when they see each other. The Mgikarp salesman gives James some sop story, dunno what about and yep, James falls for it.
Yes it makes him very happy, once meeting back up with Jesse and Meowth he snuggles it and calls it "Chiriin-Chan" how adorable is that X3 Then his voice goes extremly high which reminds me a lot of his dub voice XD
Then the tape falls off it and it's revealed to be a hoppip, James is so upset ;_;
But then a real Chimecho appears and it doesn't take much convincing for it to become James' Pokémon, it agrres happily then wraps it's tail thing around James' head XD And he's all like "I got a Chimecho!"

Very very adorable indeed X3 Chimecho is teh cute!

Eeee! HAPPY!

Here's Chibi James with his Igglybuff Money bank X3

OMG! Don't you just wanna HUG HIM!

Hehehe, squishy face X3

Best expression EVER!

It makes him so HAPPY!!!


This picture kinda disturbs me....maybe it's the retro bowtie....

It's love X3

So yep that's that for that episode ^^ I wanna make LJ Icons out of those X3 Need the time though, I go to work in a little while....oh yipee :p Work last night was....meh...okay I guess, they kinda didn't even realize I was leaving at 8 though -_-;; Typical...
Oh well XD Talking of the checkouts I need to ask why they've taken off the thing where if customers re-use plastic bags they get a penny for each one they re-use, purely typical my first customer last night had to be ones that expected that -_-;; And I didn't have a clue WHY it was taken off...it was there the last time I went on the checkouts which wasn't too long before yesterday...

Well best go and get ready :p
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