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Haha, when I was told one of my supervisors needed to ask me something yesterday, I just KNEW she was gonna ask me to work Saturday.
I told her I was going out and she was all "You're always going out!!!1!" No, you just tend to ask every time I'm going out. Then she asked me for overtime next week, so since I'm not doing anything Saturday next week I chose a shift then to make her happy (And quit asking!) I just chose an easy early afternoon shift though so that's okay. Saturday's are a sucky day to work :/ She has no chance for any overtime the Saturday after though!

I'm glad I got a bit of a lay in today 8D I had one of those moments when I woke up though and wondered what day it was haha XD I got some packages today too :D

I need to do some washing and clean my room up a bit today, once I unlazy.

I should of completed the Kanto dex now on this (Excluding legendaries!) Very close to finishing Johto too!

Trying to get Falcomon line right now XD That's why I have so many burds~ I also just got a Tyrannomon while trying out the adventure page XD Awesome!
His name is also predictable, but I couldn't have a dinosaur and not name him Kenzan.
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