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Gah I had a really blah kinda dream last night about people dieing unexpectadly for some reason :< I blame the sausages I ate last night that made my stomach a bit iffy, I was feeling so sick when I was trying to sleep XD;

Oh well, egg time!


And Digimon!

I'm currently trying to get a Gaomon on the Digimon game, which seems to come from the same digitama as Gabumon does, but I'm not sure if it'll evolve from Tsunomon or if it would hatch as Gaomon's in-training form, Wanyamon I think it is. After all, my first Gigimon evolved to Veemon and I assume it also evolves to Guilmon? 8| Confusing!
Oh well, I'll leave this set of Tsunomon's and see what happens, but I'm trying not to get repeats XD;
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