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I love the new heritage and Pokéwalker pages on GPX+. The heritage page is awesome because you can actually SEE if you actually bred a shiny or not, plus the family line now goes back to into grandparents ect.
I'm testing the Pokéwalker now with a Hoppip I want to evolve into Skiploom, lets see how much maturity it gains from my interactions today.

Also, I've been playing on a Digimon adoptable clicking site too recently (One that actually uses sprites yaaay!)
Trying to get my current Digimon to the Mega level, so if you can click them that would be very much appriciated!
The only thing with this site is that there's no real FAQ for it. I see people with digieggs that I can't see in the primary village page. After looking at other people's pages, I'm assuming I have to get some of my Digimon to mega-level before the new eggs show up maybe?
I dunno, any clues from others who play on this site would be awesome XD
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