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London Expo Report

FINALLY getting around to posting this! XD


So, on Friday, I met up with Tony and we started our journey down to London! We were sat with a nice couple on the way down who were amazed by our DS's haha! Once we arrived, we met up with Michael and caught the Underground and DLR to the hotel! We met up with friends as Tony booked us in, we dropped off our stuff, then eventually set off for our night out around London!

Our first stop was the Forbidden Planet store! Then afterwards we went to McDonalds for something to eat, then walked to the Namco Arcades (That was a long walk XD) It was nice to walk there though, as travelling on the underground, you don't get to see the sights of the city.
Once we got to the arcade, we started Tony's air hockey tournament, which I lost on my first round XD I did better than I expected though!
Tony ended up losing his Air Hockey Master title to Michael...twice. :D;
Anyway after some fun on other games, we decided to get a boat ride back to the hotel, rather than the underground. The boat ride beat the underground completely and I vote we go on it again in May, I really enjoyed it XD
The boat took us to the O2 arena (Millennium Dome) which was my first time seeing that up close XD After some photos, we took the underground and DLR back to the hotel, except some of us got off the DLR a stop too early for some reason, so we decided to just walk back the rest of the way XD


We got up really early on Saturday (And I'm pretty sure I got very little sleep, but I'm surprised that it didn't give me a headache) and after getting ready, we went to the ExCel and waited around~ There were already a bunch of people there when we got there too!
We were eventually moved to the queuing area and got goody bags and such :D I got a .hack//sign DVD in mine! I also got a Lost T-Shirt, but I gave that to Tony since I know how much he loves Lost and knew he'd appreciate the T-Shirt 1000 times more than I would XD
In the queue we kept trying to do mexican waves down the queue line 8D
After we were let in, we went to the cosplay desk to get our tickets for the masquerade, but were told we had to go to the main desk for them now, so we ran to there to get them. After that I ended up buying a DX Meowth UFO plush. It was £25 but I'd been wanting the smaller version of that UFO for a while, so I thought "Why not just get the bigger version :D" I also got a Tomy Chikorita~
I was actually very surprised at the amount of Pokémon stuff they had there, all recent stuff too. I was impressed with that (My purse wasn't though!)

After doing some shopping we did Tony's wandering video for Saturday, hung outside for a while (It wasn't great weather on Saturday which was a surprise!) I met chariflame while outside, very briefly, since we were meeting up for a Pokémon collectors meet the next day~

Other than that, one thing to mention was the masquerade queue. We queue really early for that since Tony records the whole thing for his Youtube channel, but on Saturday we kept getting messed around. We were told to queue at S5, then told to queue a bit further down, then told to queue at S5 again. By the time we finished moving around, we weren't even at the front anymore and we'd started queuing like two hours before the actual event :| Luckily the stewards let Tony go in ahead of us, so he could film the show, so that's good at least :3

The masquerade itself was rather good! They've kinda changed the format a bit though, to try and make it seem more "professional", which was actually a bit of a let down in some ways, as it didn't seem as fun, but the actual cosplays and acts were fantastic! My favourites of the masquerade was definitely both the Alvin and the Chipmunks act, as well as whoever cosplayed the Nina Chimera from Fullmetal Alchemist, I actually felt like crying when they came on ;o; I have the video of it since I knew I wouldn't get a good photo. Also there were some Digimon cosplayers! Angewomon and Nerfertimon! Nerfertimon even won a category in the masquerade, so that was awesome!

After the masquerade ended, we went back to the hotel and eventually ordered some food between Tony, Rachael, Marc and myself. Only our order didn't show up for OVER an hour for some reason :| Eventually Tony and a bunch of other people went off to do the Nerf war that they had planned, I decided to stay inside where it was warm and hang out in the hotel lounge, before eventually going back to the hotel room. I've seen the videos of the Nerf hunt though and it looked like it was loads of fun XD


Sunday, we got up early again, but not as early as Saturday and went down to the ExCel. There were less people waiting on this day, so we were the front of the queue. Once again we were moved to the queuing area and given goody bags (Which weren't as good on Sunday, but yaay goody bags anyway!!) and once again we tried doing mexican waves in the queue :D
The format for Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday; Masquerade tickets, shopping and walkabout. Though I decided to split up from Tony for a short while and pick up some things I wanted while he started his wandering video. After I got what I wanted I managed to find him again XD

After that we got something to eat and went to the TCT (Team Crazy Train) meet (TCT is a collaboration Youtube channel that Tony and a number of his friends are part of!) and then after that we went to the Pokémon Collectors meet that I'd organized, which four members turned up to (Me included) two of which came with me from the TCT meet as well XD So we met up with chariflame again in her awesome Morty outfit and got our photo taken together. Then we had a very spontaneous Pokémon photoshoot with a bunch of other Pokémon cosplayers XD
After hanging outside for a short while, myself, Chari and Dawn went back into the convention so Dawn could get the Tomy Giratina plush that one seller had there. After that Chari parted from us to find her friends and so Dawn and I went to go find Tony and her sister, Kelly. We couldn't find them, so eventually I suggested we just sit outside S5 since I knew they'd be queuing for the masquerade soon.
After sitting there for a while, we saw Kelly go past and turning around Tony and the others were right behind us in the queuing area and had most likely been there all the time...
... I fail! XD

So we queued and we actually got the front of the queue this time! Much more organized! We managed to get front seats at one side buuut... the stage had these metal pillars at each side, so it made viewing the masquerade from the side a little annoying, especially for filming and photography.
I still enjoyed the show though! Very awesome :D

After everything ended, we went back to the hotel, then eventually went out to a nearby takeaway for chips and such, poor people working in the takeaway were so rushed off their feet XD We then decided to go sit outside the ExCel center to eat them. After that we went inside and walked back to the hotel through there, with lots of silly goings on 8D
Sometime after that we did some hanging out, Tony and I accidently locked ourselves out of our hotel room (Which Michael was in, but he was sleeping XD) So we had to get an extra key card for it. Then eventually we decided to do Tony's talk video in Chris' room. We made so much noise, I'm surprised no one complained XD The talk was a load of fun though!
After that (Which took about two hours! XD) Michael and I decided to go back to our room to get some sleep, while Tony decided to hang out downstairs. I didn't even realize that it was about 4am when he came back in! XD
I think I got about 5 or so hours sleep that night, probably the best night I slept!


So Monday comes and it's time to go home. Michael left first and after Tony and I had grabbed everything, we hung out in the lobby until we had to leave. So we travelled to Kings Cross Station with Chris and Paul.
Tony and I got back safely, but we almost missed our stop at Retford!! I think we were both just really tired and neither of us were sure when we'd arrive XD Then we suddenly pulled into Retford and I was like "We're here" without it really clicking at first, then we were both kinda "oh crap" as Tony grabbed my bags and went to get his own, only to realize a ton of people had put their bags on top of his! We only just made it out of the train on time XD; Opps.

Saturday Photos
Sunday Photos
Random Videos

So that was my run down of the weekend! Congrats if you read all of it!! XD

In other news, according to Amecon's site and facebook, the con isn't being held in Leicester next year. I can only hope they hold it in a place that's decently easy for me to get to. The only thing that stopped me from going to Aya this year was because of how far it was and how many damn train changes there were.

I'm going to some event meeting thing for the charity shop tomorrow. The manageress insisted I should go so... XD A bunch of others are going too, but I actually didn't know for sure if we were going or not until today when I had to ring the shop and ask .__. Apparently I should of been told last week but... wasn't. Ah well. Though this means I have to get up early @_@ Rawr. I haven't had much sleep these past two days either.
Work seems to be giving me over-time here there and everywhere again, which I guess isn't a bad thing...if you think about da monies anyway.

Hopefully my dad and I will be going shopping either tonight or tomorrow... we need food in the house, but my dad kept refusing to take me shopping until after he defrosted the freezer 8|

That's all for an update of my life XD
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