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Happy Halloween everyone~

Typical Halloween for me, doing crap all :D I love Halloween, but never get to do anything special. My dad says every year that he'll refuse to answer the door to any Trick Or Treaters, so that's pretty much my job now, not like we really get any :< I dunno, I seem to remember getting some last year, but it's pretty rare.

Other than that, I spent today capping episodes 81 and 82 of 5D's and had a good laugh over the silly named adverts in the mall in 81! I also decided to read the code that showed up when the robot scanned Yuusei only to find it's a real code written in Python. I don't really understand that really, but it was still kinda funny XD
Part of the code mentions "rock, paper, scissors" then opens up a "Fire rule" to which it states "Fire always wins!"

<@PDUTogepi> Found the entire code they used :D http://gnosis.cx/download/gnosis/magic/multimethods.py
<@Linka> ...
<@Linka> Oh wow that's a real code.
<@Linka> I'm surprised!
<@PDUTogepi> XD
<@Decade> ... it's python?
<@PDUTogepi> I assume so? (I dunno what Python is XD)
<@Decade> Programming language.
<@Decade> Kagu was written in python.
<@PDUTogepi> Ooooh
<@PDUTogepi> Well this robot is written in Python too
<@PDUTogepi> :D
<@PDUTogepi> And alll that crap is used to apparently tell it that the person it's looking at is Fudou Yuusei
<@Linka> pfthahaha
<@Decade> ...
<@Decade> soooo
< Allen> XD
<@Decade> rock paper scissors fire = Yuusei?
<@PDUTogepi> Exactly!
<@Linka> It's obviously trying to figure out what Yuusei would use in Rock Paper Scissors
<@Linka> It obviously can't, so it just goes with fire
<@Linka> :Db

I was hoping to do some mass clicking at GPX+ today since we were supposed to get extra points for clicking, but lo behold the site has been down all day lolol

I may post my Expo report later or tomorrow, I have everything written up and uploaded, I'm just being kinda lazy XD
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