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Well tomorrow I'll be heading off to London for the weekend! I'll have to go to bed soon to try and get a good nights sleep, been feeling kinda icky today, I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't really have anything proper to eat until late today and even when I did eat something I didn't eat much of it :< We lost a lot of freezer stuff when one of our freezer's decided to stop working a few days ago, so I wasn't left with much choice for food XD;
The oven chips I cooked tasted kinda ... eh.

ANYWAY I'm pretty much almost packed, hopefully I haven't forgotten anything haha! I'll be going as a Pokémon Breeder both days. On Saturday I'll have some (Jakks) Shellos with me (Both east and west sea! Their named are Rosie and Astro!) and on Sunday I will have a Riolu Pokédoll with me, since riolulz can't make the expo since he'll be in New York. If I had the room I'd bring plush for the others from the collector's community who can't go to XD Seems like more people are going in May from there, so I'm highly considering going in May too.

Not much more to say than that so I guess I'll see you all after the weekend, I'll have plenty of photos to share I'm sure!
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