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Rants about Work and Phones

I think work is trying to kill me...
....they keep asking me for overtime, why, why? Yes a little bit of overtime is good but now I'm working until 10 Friday AND saturday and I may very well be working early Sunday morning too (*Okay 10am is early for me*) the fact is I still can't say no unless I have a good reason too X_x; And if I do I feel bad about it cos I won't be doing anything important, but if they ask for any next week I'm just gonna say no I had enough this week X_x;
It kinda sucks cos I have so many messages that need replying to on Deviant Art and I won't get to do the Yugioh review on the Yugioh community until at least Sunday -_-;; Plus there's PDU's new layout to carry on with and Art requests to do *falls over*

Well at least I'm ONLY working until 8 tonight but god help anyone if they ask me to stop any later >_<

Also I want to rip the phone out of the wall, it has done NOTHING but ring, it did it yesterday and 3 times I answered it I got that stupid thing where the person hangs up....yes THREE TIMES! Two in about 15 minutes >_< and I've already gotten two today *Is really pissed off at that now* then there was the fact of Marie waking me up at half 10 to ask for overtime, I just wanted to go back to sleep (*Cries*)

I had a strange dream about Beyblade earlier...can't remember much though, soemthing about a big explosion under water....Kai was there and Daichi appeared somewhere in it....oh and I remember seeing this tornado and I was all like "WOW! Lookie a Mini Tornado!" and the person I was with was all like "Why are you excited over a tornado!" and I replied "Cos you don't get to see them here!" *lol*
YAY! I love my weird dreams.

Oh and here is a sneek peek of what the picture on PDU's splash page will look like for the summer (*Though by the time I finish it summer will most likely be over*)
I like how May came out, except her feet, the one in the air doesn't look completly right and the other one I had to try and join together as I had to draw it on a seperate sheet of paper XD
I need to do a few more pokemon and digimon in the background before I start colouring ^^;

Oh well work will be soon... *walks off*
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