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So my mum says she's got my outfit made for my Pokémon breeder's cosplay for the London Expo :D She should be bringing it around today <3 I'm tempted to see if I can find a small metal bucket to carry around with me, like in the D/P games (Mine is more from the FR/LG games though, tis a red bandana and red apron, rather than green.) Then I can like stick some Pokéballs in there or something haha XD

Can't believe it's not so long away now O_O Next week I need to do things like clean my room and make sure to buy anything I need for it. I was planning to clean my room this week, but both work and the charity shop needed me to work extra. I've gotten up early almost every day this week .__. I like sleeping in.

And also, Canvas Chimchar exists. I did often wonder if they made one since it seemed weird they made Piplup and Turtwig but not Chimchar, but I had never ever seen one, until last night :D; I spazzed so much! It's the derpiest looking one out of all of them though, haha XD

Blah, I feel all sniffly today, allergies playing up I think :< It's also very very cold.

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