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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Screenshots!

So, something I haven't posted here are the recent screenshots I've done for the most recent 5D's episodes. Thinking of making an archive of the links here, just not sure how long they'll last (Not sure if Megaupload still has a certian amount of time before links become inactive still), thinking I might post these over at the TnKP forums too when I have a bit more time.

All screenshots are taken from the HQ TV-RAWS of the episodes. They are re-sized usually to 500 width and are saved as a high quality .jpg file. There are some panned images in the downloads though, so of course those are bigger~


-Fortune Cup- (Episodes 1-26)


-Dark Signers- (Episodes 27-64)

Episode 32 (Pending)
Episode 62 (Pending)
Episode 64 (Pending)

-World Riding Grand Prix-(Episodes 65-?)
Episode 75 - Izayoi Aki Acceleration - (204 Pictures)
Episode 76 - The Proud Demon, Demon Chaos King (164 Pictures)
Episode 77 - Here Comes! The Super Elite Transfer Student - (273 Pictures)
Episode 78 - A Nightmare Reborn! Machine Emperor Skiel - (236 Pictures)
Episode 79 - To a World Yet Unseen - (87 pictures)
Episode 80 - The Mysterious Super Mechanic - (202 Pictures)

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