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5D's 77

So what happens when you have two main characters who are to young to get licences for dueling motorcycles?
I love it. This three-way duel on skateboards is AWESOME. I'm gonna have so much fun capping this episode when I get it 8D It helps that the twins are my favourite 5D's characters too <3

But DAMN, Luciano is such a trap, what is it with this show and it's traps.
Also that's just reminded me that Rally hasn't even been in season 3 so far D: Rally was awesome, he should get a dueling skateboard too and be in the show again!

Looking forward to next weeks episode :D

In other news, last night I heard my dad banging something downstairs, so I wandered down to see what he was up to. Apparently he saw a big spider come out from under the TV and it went under the sofa, so he was trying to find it XD This spider really MUST of been big too, because it scared my dad and everything I consider big for a spider is small to him.
And nope, he didn't find it. Hopefully it went and hid somewhere and we won't ever see it again.

...It took me most of the day to gain the courage to actually go downstairs today... and I've been no where near the living room.

I should start working on GPX+ clickbacks now.
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