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Annoyed (But Yaaay Pikachu!)

Urgh, just had ANOTHER go at my dad about the spare room, mostly because I wanted to do it myself and take it on as my own project.
Of course he wouldn't let me, then did his typical "treat me like a child" routine and just kept telling me to shut up and I'm pretty sure he just never listens to a word I say and it's why he doesn't even REALIZE how damn well annoyed I am at him for being the very thing BLOCKING me from using that room.

He said he'll have it done before Christmas lolol yeah sure, I've been at him ALL THIS YEAR to get it done and he has not lifted a freakin' finger over it. He's done nothing but given me broken promises that he'll do it and always acts like he doesn't take me seriously at all, well it's pissing me off big time.
I swear, if by any chance my mum gives me an opportunity to go live with her, I'll bloody well take it.

I bet when it comes to almost Christmas and I'll ask him about that room, he'll be all "lol I meant Christmas next year 8D", well screw that. If it's not done by Christmas, I'm gonna just put those damn shelves back up and just not bother even having it decorated.
I'm just pissed off that there's a spare room in this house I WANT to use but CAN'T because the royal freakin' majesty of the house won't lift a finger to decorate it, yet won't let anyone ELSE touch it either.


In happier news, I won this baby on Y!J today:
It's the first thing I've ever bidded on using a middleman service :D I was the only bidder until 10 minutes before it ended and someone bid 200yen more than the max bid I originally put in. Luckily I was able to but in another bid before it ended, I won it for 2,800yen XD Totally worth it <3 The canvas Pika is the one I wanted the most out of the remaining 4 I had left to get~
Now all I need is Piplup, Turtwig and Cherrim :D

I am going to name him "Pablo Pikasso" 8DD
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