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"I'm a Beyblade Offical! I demand Respect!"

Beyblade G-Rev was fun this morning, it started off with a semi-angsty Kai, which is always good X3 Plus we learn that even Kai smiles when it comes to seeing fluffy kitty cats....but cats apparently don't like him... dunno what the cat did (*Scratched/bit him maybe*) I think there was a scene cut out there XD
I think there was a scene cut out with Tyson and his Grandpa too.
Tyson is still all bitchy over Rei and Max leaving, HA! HA I SAY!
Daichi is an adorable little Monkey Boy....but he can be annoying too :p
I loved the guy who was doing the sign ups for the Matches XD The whiney little geek he was:
"I'm a Beyblade Offical! I demand Respect!!!11!" He made me laugh.
Shirtless Rei was good to XD YAY! I would of prefered shirtless Kai though, ah well...
Best quote came from Kai when he sees the cat:
"Now this little Fuzzball has the good life, he doesn't know who Tyson is"
I feel sorry for Tyson XD Poor guy, nobody likes him *lol*

Yep that's pretty much my offical review :p

Damn I'm hungry -_-;; My dad tends to do the tea late on (*Even though he doesn't want to he STILL ends up doing it late*) and I've had 4 biscuits and a grapefruits all day....meh...guess I best raid the fridge and cupboards and freezer for something to snack on...
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