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HG/SS and 5D's 75!

Been feeling so tired lately @_@

Butbutbut...! GOOD DAY! :D The HG/SS information is starting to come ouuut <3 Haaa, I can't wait to get these games! Next year needs to come quick! X3

Also, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 75?

I really quite enjoyed seeing Aki trying to get her riding duel licence, it's always quite nice to actually see a character go through learning something new to them. The guys she was taking the class with AND Ushio were being big giant jerks though (At least Jack beat up the guys who she took the class with :D).
Pffft, a lot of the scenes with her and Yuusei were adorable, especially the skating scene. Damn Yuusei's a really good skater!
I kinda liked the twins during that scene too. I think they were wondering if it was a date or not XD

Though I'm very surprised Aki didn't kill herself with the way she was flying off her D-Wheel when she couldn't quite master turning a corner. It looked painful.
Also, apparently Sherry's daydream of herself and Yuusei completely naked gives Aki epic D-Wheeling skills. Fact.

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