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I hate the weather lately :< I had plans to walk into town, go make the doctor's appointment, then go take some photos around the library, but it keeps looking like it's going to rain D| And with all the storms that were around yesterday I don't wanna risk getting stuck in one.
Granted I could just pick up a phone buuut... ;o; Man, I'm useless XD;

Good thing is I haven't really felt the heart thing since coming home from work last night, and I've felt a lot better since everyone's comments and those who talked to me :) While I was talking to viewtiful_jeff last night, I remembered that there's currently a brand new library that being built in town (I believe it's going to be like a community center and have a cafe too!) It's not due for completion until 2010 but I'm really REALLY hoping they advertise for jobs there. I think a library would be a good job for me, a nice quiet and calm job.
I guess even if they don't advertise for jobs, once it's open I could always go in and ask about it.

Last night, my dad asked me at like 4am this morning if I wanted a dinner (Sunday dinner like thing) today, I said yes, but turns out I'm having to start it off >>; And there he is giving me verbal instructions on how to do it to a half asleep me at 4am in the morning, urgh.

Also, I very briefly saw a childhood friend of mine on TV last night! She works in the Royal Navy and had mentioned in a letter to me some time ago that they had TV crews on the ship she was on. So my dad had been watching a documentary recently to see if he could spot her and she was actually on TV and talking last night! She looks a lot more older than I remember her XD
Haaa, I feel guilty that I haven't wrote to her in such a long time (I don't even know what ship she'd on now) but it's mostly because my life is so dull compared to hers, I have nothing to really say! XD

Granted I have her e-mail somewhere, I should find it out and send her one. Then it gets to her no matter what!

Anyway, I think today, until I have to do the dinner crap, I'll just take it easy, maybe do some drawing or play on my DS or maybe even work on my collection site which I'm re-doing~

I need to get the rest of my drawers in my room cleaned out too.
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