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Oh gosh they are the cutest little things ever!
Thanks miss_fuu_chan and aftertheheaven!!

I've named the Uxie "Sunflower", once Azelf and Mesprit arrive, they're gonna be named "Bluebell" and "Poppy". I haven't thought up names for Aipom or Eevee yet, they'll get names though, once they pop into my head XD I'm tempted to name Eevee "Charmer" after a character in Farthing Wood :3

Talking of that, I was just reading the wiki article on that show. France and Germany have gotten (Or in Germany's case WILL get) a season 1 DVD release. I hope they release that here in the UK too XD I imagine they will eventually... hopefully! XD

In other news, the weather is very crap and cold and rainy today D|
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