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Just one of those days....

All I have to say about this episode is that Ed can pull off the best Wrath cosplay EVER!

I don't think he's supposed to look like Wrath but damn he looks cute in that outfit X3 He dressed up like that to kinda disguise himself when he went into er...Loir...is that what the city is called? Meh the place episode one and two took place anyway XD

And for kicks here is an added adorable shot of Elysia drawing things with chalk.

Yeah that's about all I have to say XD Just needed to get it out *lol*

As for work it was just one of those days that just made me feel like the most useless thing on the entire planet...it's strange, I think I've made progress no matter how small it may be and for some odd reason a certain marie at work feels I've done a lot worse...
....and she basis a lot of that on some event that happened like a month ago which I can't remember anyway, honestly I have no recollection of it and with what happened (*Apparnetly some customer asked me if we had some case of beer for £7.99 and I said no straight away without looking O_o;;*) honestly that didn't sound like me....I always look X_x; Unless I had a good reason not too... blah...

She also went on about how slow I am again and suggested moving me onto the checkouts which is fine with me, I'd rather be moved than risk losing my job, but still even on the checkouts I have my pathetic useless quirks, honestly am I really THAT useless? -_-;; Honestly today it felt like I have no damn place in this world, I have no idea what I want to do, the job I currently have is definitly not one I should have (*I mean come on I've been there well over a year and I still haven't gotten over the unconfidence, although I have gotten over a bit of it*) It just seems like there is just nothing out there I'd actually be good at -_-;; Most people would say get an art job, but firstly there is nothing along those lines jobwise here plus I feel I'm not good enough to draw cartoons as some kind of weird profession, I still have a LOT of quirks in my art that need attention and I mean a LOT.

So....yeah....I feel very very bleh right now....
....oh well best go to bed and make sure I'm at least up for Beyblade G-Rev in the morning...
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