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A Quest

I've been feeling really distracted recently, dunno why. I've not been working on GPX+ much these past few days other than clicking people back XD;

My mum and I went up to the fair thing that was being held on the school field that's just up the road from me. It was crap XD More for the kiddies really, so we went had a quick look in the tents, then left :|

Today I finally caved and got myself a Crescent Shop account. For those who don't know, it's a middleman service website that allows you to bid on stuff on Yahoo Japan auctions.
I mainly got the account to hopefully get the remaining Pokemon Canvas Plush I need as I really want to collect them all if I'm able to and some of them only appear on Japanese auctions (And even then it's not often) But I'm hoping it will help!! (Gonna be really expensive though XD;)
As of right now I have 7 Canvas Plush, with an 8th on the way. There are 10 more known ones I need to get:
So yeah, if you see these guys on Y!J auctions, let me know! XD
(I also must note I find it weird they made Piplup and Turtwig Canvas Plush, but not Chimchar?)

Hatched 120 Treecko eggs so far. I really doubt I'll have the patiance to keep going, but I'll try! XD

EDIT: And that's 9 more I need to get now! Thankyou for Uxie, Bunz ;w;
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