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Week Off Goals!

So with my week of at it's start, there's a few things I wanna try and get done this week (Other than housework, must not be lazy with that!!)

- DRAW MORE: I got an account on Pixiv last night and looking at the awesome artwork on there really makes me want to draw!! I want to carry on improving!
- CATCH UP ON 5D'S SUBS: Need to download them! Luckily I'm doing good :3 Then I just need to watch them! XD
- HATCH A SHINY: via the Masuda Method. Going by what I've seen with others who have done it, most people SEEM to get a shiny under 2000 eggs (Though again, it does come down to luck, you could hatch 2000 eggs and still not get one) but I want to aim to hatch 2000 eggs and see if I get a shiny during that 2000 eggs. I originally was gonna do Torchic, but I've decided to do Treecko instead. I'm breeding my own hatched Treecko on my Pearl game, with a Japanese Ditto. Lets see how well I do XD; Chances are I'll just release the male Treeckos and keep the females to use for trading.
...the first one that hatched was female! Hahaha XD

But yeah, those are my incredibly nerdy goals, YAY!

EDIT: According to the tracking, my dad has picked up my CD's from Parcelforce. SUCCESS!
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