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Quick Entry!

A quick entry before work!

My CDs have finally arrived at the Parcelforce depot! I'm hoping that I'll get the letter about the customs money tomorrow. If I do, I'll pay it online straight away in the hopes they deliver them on Wednesday :3

Also last night I was able to buy a Canvas Minun plush! I freaked out so much when I saw it on the community and I'm really really happy I was able to get it ;w; Minun was one of the few that I didn't think I'd ever get a hold of as it's rare for them to even show up on Japanese auctions! Haa, he looks so cute and soft, I can't wait to get him!
I can only hope one day I will get his Canvas Plusle brother :3
Small, but that's a picture of him :D

Despite washing my work clothes, they still smell like antiseptic XD; Just not as strong as it was. I'll wash them again before I next go to work.

Last day of work before my week off is Thursday! \o/
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