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Argh damnit :< My CD's are getting a customs charge. They usually don't get charged. Ah well, hopefully it's not much D| Once I get the letter from Parcelforce, once it arrives there, I'll pay it online and save my dad a trip to the depot in Rotherham to collect it.
Buut looks like I won't get them until next week now.

Blah I feel so super tired and headachey, I stayed up way too late last night. Decided to go to bed at like 3am-ish? And ended up staying up until 5am drawing lololol
But yaaay I won a Canvas Buizel on Ebay! Yesterday I looked at ailliui's Ebay page and noticed she had a Canvas Buizel that was ending soon, so I decided to just but a bid in since no one had. Got it for $14.99 instead of the BIN price that was something like $24.99 8D
Now I've decided to get Buizel, I can concentrate on possibly getting the Canvas Pixies.


Did over 2,000 interactions yesterday. How do people do that on a regular basis!? XD Got a few things hatched though and it gave my Dialga egg a pretty good boost in points :D
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