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OMG! Fruits Basket and Volcano's!

I was supposed to try and get up early this morning to watch Beyblade G-Rev but ended up sleeping in and dreaming about characters from Fruits Basket instead. Apparently I had a small volcano in my bedroom and there I was stood with Kyou and Yuki, then Kyou is all like "I can sense that the Volcano is gonna erupt" so we moved downstairs. Later on for some odd reason Kyou is at the top of the stairs trying to hold the lava back and asks Yuki if he has some....tape... so Yuki puts tape across the bottom of the doorways in my hallway then Kyou lets the lava go but doesn't really make a mess or anything, in fact later on my bedroom seems fine *shrugs*

Then some girl I know from work rings my mobile for a chat (*For some odd reason her name comes up as !Lucy (*Yes with the exclamation mark*) but her name is Gemma....fair enough XD I called her Gemma on the phone so whatever XD Then I remember sitting around a table in some kitchen with Yuki and Kyou and having to shoo a badger away *lol*
Then for some odd reason Haru, Kyou and Yuki decide to sleep in the same bed and Yuki snuggles up to Kyou XD They looked comfertable, hehehe...
Then the volcano was gonna erupt again so I grabbed my hamsters cage and ran...

YAY for my bizarre dreams!

Hummm, I think I'll go and draw now, I feel like drawing something...plus the computer is giving me a headache, I'll just start downloading Digimon Frontier episode 45 subbed X3
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