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We FINALLY have food in the house again! So happy~

Nothing much to say really, kinda just updating so I can post my eggs for views and clicks!

Also I should hopefully have a couple of Pokemon CDs either by the end of this coming week or start of the next :D Movie 12 OST and the CD single for the Gizamimi Pichu ending song :D Yaaay!

Also happy 10th Anniversary Digimon Adventure~, man I've been wanting to watch Digimon lately, should really delve into the raws I have on my external harddrive sometime, though to be honest, I'll probably always prefer the dub for the first three series' XD I don't think I had all the raws for Adventure though, pretty sure I have all the raws for 02, Tamers and Frontier. Not sure about Savers, I think I have a few missing from that.
I also need to draw more Digimon stuffs.
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