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Yaaay! Work is over and now I have two whole days off!
Luckily work today was straight forward and not to irking, other than feeling tired and having a headache all day, blah.

Oh! My friend tonyous has been trying to gain some interest in a midlands cosplayers meet recently! Basically it's just for a bunch of us who like anime/manga/cosplaying/whatever to meet up ect. and just generally have some fun hanging out together! He did try one last Saturday in Sheffield but only four people turned up to it (They still had a lot of fun though!) so he wanted to try again on a Sunday in August, I told him the only Sunday I could go was the 16th so we're trying for another meet on the 16th of August at Meadowhall :3 If any of you on my f-list who can get to Meadowhall are interested in going, we'd be happy to have you along! The time we'll be meeting up will probably be revealed a little later on in the next few weeks if there's enough interest (It'll probably be early though!)
Just thought I'd mention it for anyone interested :3
I'll be bringing along Pokémon Platinum and if those who come bring Pokémon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, I'm gonna hopefully trade each person one or two legit shinies of their choice, like a little giveaway! (The poor things need homes!!)

And no, you don't have to go in cosplay XD Unless you're a very very brave person!

Anyway, now I have to go work on clickbacks at GPX+, then eventually go sleep off this headache.
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