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Blah, feels like I may have a cold or something again. I was feeling really off late last night and this morning I woke up with an icky feeling throat and stuffy nose. My throat isn't sore but just feels... blah... it's more around the back of my nose actually. I've been getting random aches in my ears for the last week or so too.
Checked my throat and there seems to be a small white spot on the right side of it which is where most of the acheing is... sooo there definitely seems to be an infection of some sort :/ Ah well, it's not making me feel ill or anything.

Missed all the legendaries from the GPX+ account purge, I got up waaay too late for that as I forgot it was even happening, but to be honest, I feel they should of advertised it a bit better for those users who had yet to validate. I only knew about it happening because I saw a user on gpxplus_elite mention it. I rarely go to the forum as it is and I think most of the users who use the site for the game, wouldn't venture into the rest of the forum much, I know I don't, and it was announced in the news bit in the main part of the forum :| I only found it yesterday. I feel sorry for all those who lost their accounts in the purge because they didn't know that they HAD to validate and do that stupid quiz.


I decided to stop searching for shinies and make a Pokédex in my PC, so they'll be each one of the evolutions in there :D I had to give up my Buneary army for this idea though ;o; I needed the PC space.

Need to go find food but we don't have much in at the moment, since my dad refused to go shopping until he defrosted one of our freezers. I'd go out for an awesome Cooplands sandwich, but it's raining D|
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