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Togepi and weird noises

Best Togepi plush EVER ;w; He's so big and adorable and hjgyfdgyufdhuhguid

I need to do some re-arranging of my Togepi line collection to fit him in!

Last night was really odd. I went to bed but about half an hour later I heard this weird shuffling sound... like something shuffling through paper... I sat up and listened, but the sound stopped. I had two bags of paper and crap that I still needed to put in the recycling bin, so I got up and took a look around those, I hit them around but nothing shuffled, so I went back to bed.
Then I woke up at... dunno what time it was but it was getting light outside, to hear the shuffling AGAIN, I was too tired to go check it out.
Just checked them out again just now and once more no shuffling, so I decided to put the stuff in the recycling bin.
I have a horrid fear of spiders getting into that kinda stuff and that's what I THOUGHT it was but...
...I dunno, it's possible it was the birds in the loft as they do a LOT of shuffling and scratching around, but it sounded like it was coming from inside my room and from the direction of the bags. It's not the first time I've heard these weird sounds. Sometimes I hear weird scratching or chewing sounds around where most of my Pokémon plush are O_o; The noise often reminds me of the noises my hamsters used to make, when they'd chew something or chatter.
But there's just.... never anything there.

Most likely it's just the sound of the birds as they nest above the bathroom/my room. Just weird it sounds like it's coming from INSIDE my room.
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