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Just annoying randomness XD

Nothing much to say at the moment, I'm getting the first episode of that Fafner show but subbed this time.

Oh and like my new LJ icon XD YAY Flamming Moltres!!!

And luckily I didn't have to walk in the wind and the rain to work, my mum phoned up at the last minute and offered me a lift! w00t!

What you didn't know about your friends.
LJ Username
sells nude pictures of themselves on the internet nicole1725
Is secretly selling your entries to a publishing company demonyohko
Is deeply in love with you demonyohko
Is really not the gender they claim to be. demonyohko
Is actually Britney Spears nicole1725
Is actually a spy gathering info for your ex. demonyohko
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OMFG! Nicole YOU'RE Britany Spears...I never knew XD
And Val you're a busy person XD *LOL*

What do people really think of your LJ?
LJ Username
People think your journal is ugly
Actually hates you : nicole1725
Wants to be you : demonyohko
Wants to get in your pants : hoshi_inu
Isn't a real person : darklittleaibou
Percentage of your journal that isn't boring - 74%
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Awww, Nicole hates me...
And is my Journal really that ugly? XD

Your Desert Island Livejournal
LJ Username
Whose fault it is jbramx2
The Cook aristide
The Survival Expert nicole1725
Who Goes Mad First demonyohko
The one who Annoys you the most nicole1725
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Sounds like fun XD

The LJ Party
LJ Username
I swooned with desire when the door opened and thiro
arrived. I rushed upstaire to my room and saw darklittleaibou
on my bed having passionate sex with hoshi_inu
They stopped in horror. Downstairs, taichi_chan
was bickering loudly with taichi_chan
On the floor lay a rather drunk aristide
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*lol* Taichi-Chan likes to argue with herself apparently

Strange strange little meme things O_O
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