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5D's 67

Sooo, 5D's 67!

Was a little late to the episode, started watching from about when Ruka, Rua and pals burst into where Yuusei, Crow and Jack were.

Sly needs to look less like Divine... and get a better name than Sly, also the other two new kids are Patty and...Bob. HI BOB.
Sly also seems to have some fixation on Stardust for some reason.

I miss the "NA NO NAE"'s that used to come with someone using Antique Gear Golem :<

It was cute that Yuusei used some of the kids monsters against Heitmann~ WINGED WATA IS SO ADORABLE.

Next week? Crow VS... random scrapyard dude.
We get Saiga and Martha though! Yaaay! They haven't forgotten about them!

It's so rainy and coooold, UK weather needs to make up it's mind what it wants to do WARM, RAIN RAIN, CLOUDY, WARM, WARM.... RAAAAAAAAIN.

Kids at the charity shop liked my drawings, though I always get a lot of "why don't you sell them/draw professionally ect. ect.", because I'm not as good of a drawer as they think :< Seriously I have so many flaws and things I need to improve on, plus it's just a hobby... one I should do more of.

I feel like I wanna go back to beeeed, so tired ;o;

...I might try chaining in Platinum today if I feel up to it... I tested the PokéRadar out in the sandstorm area and you can see the shakes so much more clearly <3 Hee! I haven't chained in ages though :o I really need to continue my training of my shinies!
They apparently say the Masuda Method (Which I am SO happy finally got looked into and proven as a way to actually hatch shinies a little easier!) is more reliable than chaining, but even at a 2048 chance of a shiny, you still could be hatching eggs forever.
Cleaned up my Pearl boxes a bit, got rid of a lot of random Pokemon I didn't need XD;

Talking of Pokémon:

EGGS! (And a Croconaw... I named her Karen :D)
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