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Dream - Meme - Eggs

I had some really weird dream earlier... though it's one of those where a bunch of stuff happens and it's just a whole confusing mess XD I remember there being some FMA characters in it at first, Ed and Al (They were only kids), Pinako... Winry to, I think. I remember Ed and Al went to go get some water from this volcano thing that apparently had a lake on top of it (They specifically suggested it was a dormant volcano XD) but something weird was happening and water was appearing from nowhere. At the top some man told them that the top of the volcano was eroding and they were sad that the beautiful landscape was gonna get ruined (There was this island in the middle of the lake, it was pretty :3)
I remember at one point, someone said to me while looking at the island: "I wonder how long it'll be before someone else builds a castle on that".

Then after this I remember... something... someone... maybe an army, attacking people and kidnapping them. Then I remember being in this cell thing... that's a bit hazy, I feel like they had something of mine, or someone I knew. Then I remember leaving with this really huge guy, I think I was still captive. Then we went to... where I work. The big guy gets distracted by a girl he knows on the checkout, so I run off and I'm trying to find a key for something. I remember there being a very small house on display in there that I was focusing on. I can't remember if I found the key or not, some of my supervisors were trying to help me. I get the feeling I did find it? Humm... then this huge guy starts walking up and I scream at him to keep away from he, he looks really confused and looks at me like I'm crazy, then leaves the store.

...what the hell was the point of that dream? XD


Anyway MEME TIME AGAIN, I think I've done this one before, but hey why not do it again:

Relationship meme. Ask what a character of mine thinks of a character of yours and I'll explain as much as I can, and then you reciprocate if you feel so inclined. As always, no limit, ask as many times as you want.



Decided to try and find a shiny Buneary! Wish me luck!
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