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I'm not good with "getting up early"

Should be made illegal to have to get up THIS early. At least IF we get this meeting done at the RP, I can start to finish off cleaning my bedroom z.z Somedays, I kinda hate the fact I'm the only person from outside the US there. Damn you time zones. My dad wants me to clean the living room too. I think it's stupid how much housework I do directly effects if he decorates that spare room or not. I don't even know what to do with half of the stuff in the living room cos it's all HIS stuff! I barely ever go in there these days! I'd be better cleaning the kitchen, cos I'm in there more and hell I need to clean the packaging I've left of the table in there, but no, he's adamant I have to do the room.
Like hell I'm cleaning every tiny corner for him, some of the stuff in there would be really hard for me to move ¬¬ I'm pretty sure I won't clean it to his standards and he probably won't be happy.
And even if I did it right, he probably won't start on the spare room anyway.

In more positive news, should be getting a cute sleepy Pichu in the mail sometime this week |3

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