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Man... I managed to get through all 104 episodes of Chi's Sweet Home and got 12 episodes into Chi's New Address... god, the first four episodes of Chi's New Address made me tear up so bad ;w; I am such a sucker for cute animal stories!!

Had to walk to work in the heat today, not recommended X_X I felt like I was melting! I am so glad work is a loooot cooler, air conditioning FTW! Kinda got moaned at a little for some things I did or didn't do yesterday though... but then later in the day I learned the Mystery Customer went through my till (I think yesterday? Not sure) and scored full marks for it! Hahaha! I did something right!
Though when our new supervisor went to congratulate me, I didn't know what she was on about at first until she told me XD

I really should eat that sandwich dad bought for me today :S I didn't realize he was gonna get me something to eat so I bought something at work to have like I do most Thursdays when I work, dad only got me something because he was home early today (Though I completely forgot he was coming home early, so when I saw the bathroom window wide open when I got home, I freaked thinking someone had broken in, hahaha!)
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